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moose eye

Yesterday I noticed more goo coming out of Moose's right eye. I gently wiped his eye with a warm rag and tried to hold it on there for a it (which he tolerated for a little while). By this morning it was much worse and he's pawing at it, shaking his head and he's dragging. Mopey dog.

Maybe it's my maternal instincts in high gear but I feel so bad for him. I wish I could make him feel better. I made a vet appointment for 3pm but until then, he's just laying there feeling bad.

Dave is going to Chicago to go to the cubs game with friends this Saturday and I was going to go with but now with this infection, I'm not sure it'd be good to leave him with someone who has dogs this weekend. Or at a boarding place. Not sure I want to bring him with either. It's a long drive.

I had a dream the baby was out again last night. I keep having those - like I gave birth already, the kid's old enough to crawl...it's so weird. It climbed out of it's crib in this last one. It was a boy again. I still think that doesn't mean shit.

I have to start going to see the doctor every 2 weeks now. The "end" is getting closer so quickly, it's terrifying. My next appointment is with the "jerkass" doctor I saw the very first time. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and go into the appointment with an open mind. Maybe he was just having a bad day that last time I saw him. Hopefully he's less of a dick this time.