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It started weeks ago when we bought our house. We called to get Comcast TV and internet set up. One visit by a Comcast rep and we learned there is NO cable running to our house so they will have to lay cable. At first we were told it would be at their expense. Well ok.

The guy sends out his "supervisor" to check out the area and get a real handle on exactly where the closest connection is located and how much cable they will have to lay. Time passes, we hear nothing. I call Comcast but they can't tell me if anyone came to our house. So they send yet another rep out. This guy says the same thing "there's no cable running up to your house". No shit. I get the phone number for the local dispatch office out of him and call myself. They get me in touch with the supervisor that did come out the week before and he is A) not in love with his employer B) bothered by having to talk to me. He says the nearest "amp" is located up a utility pole across the street at the end of our driveway. Our driveway is a tenth of a mile long. So it's FAR away. He says they'll need to bore under the street and ten dig a trench to lay the cable all the way to our house. He can't tell me if we have to pay for it or not. He then says he put all this information on our account and that Comcast Construction would be contacting me. I asked if he had their number, he told me "If you ever get it, can you share it with me because I'd like to have it." 

Mr supervisor put NOTHING on our account because every single person I have talked to since that day knows NOTHING about our land, how far the amp is, or that they even need to lay cable. We've had 2 additional Comcast people out here to "install" cable, totally unaware they CAN'T do it because no one has come to lay cable or dig the trench. This was over a month ago - Comcast construction has NEVER contacted me. No one at Comcast has the phone number for Comcast Construction, nor do they know how to get a hold of them. I've been told they "don't deal with the public".

So it's over a month later now. I have called almost every single day. I've been told a myriad of things from:
  • it could take up to 3 months
  • we have to pay $990 for the trench (which we are willing to pay dammit!)
  • they have to lay 252 feet of cable (it's WAY more than that)
  • they can't set a date for the trench digging, only construction can - and no, they don't know how to get a hold of them
  • they have no way of knowing if this mythical construction department even knows we need a trench dug

I have been nothing but polite during this whole process. I talk to people who are just customer service reps each time, they are everywhere from Atlanta to Detroit to Jacksonville. They all are equally clueless and read the same bullshit notes to me from my account every single time, after I explain the ENTIRE situation again. I update them on the REAL situation and no one ever seems to update our account because they all keep reading me the same notes every time I call. I tell them it's wrong, they don't change it.

Over a week ago, I called and got mad. I yelled. I insisted the rep get someone from a local office on the phone to get me SOME sort of info. Because I'd just had it. Amazingly, it worked! He transferred me to the local Comcast office in Fishers, Indiana. I talked to some girl named Brittany that was very nice. She agreed that if we are going to pay almost a GRAND to get cable, we deserve some sort of customer service, and deserve to know the date that someone will be out to dig a trench. Even if it's 2 months from now - we need to just get a DATE. She agrees. She says she will open a ticket (I've heard this before) and if no one from construction responds within an hour, she will escalate (I've heard this word before too) the issue to her supervisor. I asked if I could have her number to call her to follow up. No. She can't be reached directly. But she tells me I can call 800-COMCAST and give any rep her ID number ad they will send her a message to call me. OK. What she failed to tell me is when I call from my old Chicago 773 number (because I didn't change my number) I get sent directly to the Illinois Comcast customer service dept. The IL people have totally different ID numbers - they are shorter. So the FIVE different people I talked to on Friday all said the same thing "That's not an ID number!" Five different times I was "transferred" which resulted in either a disconnection or I got right back to the main menu. I spent 2 hours on the phone that day.

I FINALLY got someone who KNEW what she was doing, informed me about the IN vs. IL lines, gave me the 877 number to call from now on to reach the Indianapolis/Ft Wayne area Comcast help people and then she sent Brittany an email saying that I wanted to hear from her. That was Friday. It's now Monday. I have not heard anything. I called again today and had the rep send another email to Brittany.

So apparently, Comcast can have a stranglehold on a territory, come out a million times to investigate our property, but not do anything beyond that. I even had one guy come to our house and tell me every thing is "fucked up" at Comcast. I didn't blame him for being pissed, his employer has all the info they need to know better then to send him out to install cable on a house that has no friggin cable, yet they wasted his time anyway. I'd be pissed too! Hey guess what? I AM PISSED!

But at this point, I have done everything I can. Except what I plan to begin today: I will call as many times as I can in one day and have every single rep I talk to send Brittany an email. She's my only hope right now and I REALLY was stupid enough to believe she would help me. But since she's a person with a pulse and a name and an ID number, she's all I have. So I'm going to hammer her till she picks up the damn phone and calls me back with SOME sort of news.

UPDATE: Today is Tuesday the 21st. A guy from ACI came out to install cable again. (Why do they keep sending them out?) He called dispatch and explained that we have no cable line running up to our house (because this is STILL not in the notes). He then called his manager (not a Comcast employee, an ACI employee) and his manager said he would be int he Fishers office tomorrow and will run into the head of construction and give him a copy of our work order. I have learned not to get my hopes up.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Later on Tuesday, I called the 877 Indiana number and got a lady who said she knows the construction guy at the local office personally and she sent him an email directly. She said I don't want to deal with this Brittany person because she's just in billing, she has no authority to get things moving. ooook. So the lady on the phone WAS encouraging, but like I said, I've learned not to get my hopes up. She took my phone number and said she'd call me back once she heard back from the construction guy. So theorhetically, if everything I've been told is true, TWO different people are supposedly contacting this construction manager on our behalf.

It is now Thursday night. The lady never called BUT a random Comcast rep called my husband to tell him they were coming out to install cable Monday. He tried to clarify, exactly what are you doing - laying and burying cable or just sending another tech out to "hook us up" (which is impossible). They didn't know. (HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW?!?!!?!) So whatever, someone's coming out yet again, and I'm sure they will be irritated when they get out here and realize Comcast sent them out to a property with no cable line.


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Sep. 20th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
That really sucks, but not surprising at all considering it's a cable company. They're all douchebags. Have you considered DirecTV? Then you won't have to worry about the cable at all. I've had DirecTV for a couple years and I love it... way more HD channels than cable.
Sep. 20th, 2010 08:32 pm (UTC)
Well for Cable TV that's a fine option but for internet, satellite is way too slow. My husband works from home and needs the internet connection to be as fast as possible because he does everything remotely, including video conferencing - which requires a fast speed. Satellite is not only about a tenth of the speed of cable, it's got a delay for that kind of real time stuff.

Believe me I've looked into every possible alternative option - there is none. Which makes the whole thing worse.
Sep. 21st, 2010 05:36 am (UTC)
I currently have DirecTV for television and Road Runner (cable) broadband internet. I wish there was something out there that could compete with cable, because I'd switch to it in an instant. My cable company (Insight) offers three brands of broadband, and I pay (in my opinion) a hefty price for the slowest of the three. But I don't think it's as fast as it used to be, and rather than fix it so that it runs as fast as it should, they'd rather I upgrade. It's really a huge scam because I don't have any other real options. They do what they want, and I have to pay for it, or else I'm screwed.

Anyway, hope you get everything worked out with Comcast. If you have too many problems, feel free to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. My wife has done that a couple of times, and companies at least take that shit seriously.
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