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Update on Comcast

They LOVE telling you they'll call you back. I will literally vomit the next time a Comcast persons says they will call me back. That's how sick I am of hearing it.

So between the woman who emailed the head of comcast construction and the contractor's supervisor who was supposedly going to personally hand the work order to the head of comcast construction, you'd think we'd have at least heard a peep from Mr. Head of Construction by now. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong.

We did hear from Comcast once over the weekend. Dave woke me up to tell me "comcast actually called us!" It was like Christmas morning! Christmas morning if you ran downstairs and discovered all Santa did was poop in your stockings. They called to tell us someone was coming out Monday (yesterday) to install our cable. Dave made sure to ask, "Are you really coming out to dig a trench and lay cable or is this another guy being sent out to just hook up a non existent cable line?" They didn't know. What they did know is we needed to "get a letter from the apartment building owner stating it was ok to drill through the foundation to get to the unit." Yeah that's right. They said "apartment building".


So obviously Comcast contacted the wrong people about a totally different install. Then they called back later to tell us this fact (in case we hadn't already figured that out) and tell us no one would be coming out Monday.

Int he meantime, using the power of twitter, I contacted yet another person who supposedly get things done on Twitter. @comcastmelissa  She said she would pass along our story and have someone call me. AND SOMEONE DID! Tina contacted me the next day (i believe this was Friday or Saturday), she seems to live nearby and knew the area. She promised me someone would call me back. Not her though because she was about to take 2 weeks off for vacation. But SOMEONE on her team would.

I will give you three guesses as to how many times I've been contact by her "team" so far. That's right.  Zero.

Dave called again yesterday. He called the Indiana line that I used last week and got the lady who personally knew the head of construction and emailed him. Same lady who promised she'd call me back and didn't. He got someone else who said she'd look into our issue and call us back within 48 hours. It has been over 24. Guess what? I'm calling again. Too bad if it hasn't been 48 hours. You think Comcast deadlines mean ANYTHING to me anymore?

We filed a complaint with the BBB and the Indiana Utilities regulatory commission. Who knows if that will do ANY good. If this company is even a fifth this ill-equipped to provide a sliver of customer service to anyone else, I'm sure both agencies are up to their ears in Comcast complaints and ours just fell on a stack.